Monday, December 14, 2009


I'm not published yet, but a lot of people have been doing dedications inspired by the Invincible Summer blog, and I totally want to jump on board and rattle everything and everyone who has helped me since I first began writing.

I would like to thank my second grade teacher, Mrs. Connor, for forcing us to sit down and write in little journals everyday for about thirty minutes. Without that, I don't think I would have fallen in love with writing.

My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Reimsneider, for constantly cheering me on, even though my writing was complete garbage. Without your superb faith in me, who knows if I would have stuck it out? I was only ten.

My fifth grade reading teacher, Mrs. Yancy, for really encouraging my love of reading, because finally falling in love with reading made me a better writer.

My sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Eterlie, for loving what I wrote, even though I knew it was trash still.

My eight grade teacher, Mrs. Moore, for just being plain awesome.

My freshman teacher, Mrs. Klose, for being plain awesome as well.

My senior AP Lit teacher, Mrs. Boatwright, for beta reading my first short story still on submission, and for being an amazing teacher who, believe it or not, really made me a much, much better writer.

My ENGL 1101 professor for encouraging me in my writing and for giving me a 92 on my expository paper, which just highlights my writerly name.

The Oddville Press for publishing Dead Poet's Pendulum, which is my first fiction publication and reminds me why I'm writing fiction in the first place.

Sarah Day Owens of The Xtreme section for giving me a chance to be a teen journalist and explore other forms of writing.

My fiance Jeff Ferreira for always supporting my writing and being a good proofreader for Witch Tourniquet.

My friends Laura Keating, Michelle Davignon, Laurel Swanson, and Stefanie Tauscher for always giving my writing a chance, even though I look back now on some of the stuff you guys read of mine and cringe.

My parents for having faith in me and realizing that writing is a serious passion of mine.

Steven Loos for, even though you couldn't really beta reader Witch Tourniquet, pointing out that Alice wasn't as developed as she could have been, and by saying that, you helped me drastically with Witch Tourniquet.

Nazarea Andrews, Elizabeth Prats, and Drittz Guen for being awesome beta readers, for being the first beta readers to actually stick it out with this novel and help me flesh it some more. Nazarea and Drittz, you will get your chapters soon. Nazarea, you need the break, and Drittz, I need more hours than 24.

And all the fabulous AWers who read my teasers and enjoy them.


Carrie Harris said...

Wow. I'm just impressed that you remember all those teachers' names.

Anonymous said...

很好啊 ........................